Producer of ladies fashion, china

Two year return on investment

A joint-stock company producing mostly jackets. With the Eton system they were able to increase production with 72% and the return on investment was 2 years.

Company info

Company name: Producer of Ladies fashion, China.
Company profile: Joint-stock Company, Established 2002.
Type of production: Ladies fashion wear, mostly jackets.
No of employees: 2000.
Order size: 500-2000.
Previous production system: Bundle system.
Eton System installed: 2006, 2007.
How many stations installed: 216 stations. 4 lines, 54 stations in each line.

Production data   Before Eton With Eton
Capacity:   120 pcs / 21 operators (In 12 hours) 1 / 2
Used minutes:   126 mins 73 mins
Production increase:     72%
Troughput-time:   7 days 1 day
Return on investment:     2 years
Operations made by Eton:     Assembly

Other facts and savings 

Reduced work-in process, improved production and management level.

Production manager statement: “We did not dare to accept short delivery order before Eton, but with the Eton system we have now no problems to accept it. Because Eton helps us reduce throughput time from 7days to 1day. We can get higher profit with Eton Systems.”

Why did the client decide to install the Eton system

To reduce work time, increase production, reduce throughput time and reduce operators.