ACV Products

Quick changeover – increased production with up to 40% 

ACV Products, India is a privately owned company producing blankets. With the Eton system they were able to increase production with up to 40% and the return on investment was less than 12 months.

Company info

Company name: ACV Products, Theni (TN), India.
Company profile: Private company.
Type of production: Blankets.
Order size: 1,000- 5,000 pieces.
Previous production system: Manual.
Eton System installed: 2008.
How many stations installed: 30.

Production data   Before Eton With Eton
Capacity units/shift:   250 350
Production increased:     40%
Throughput-time:   2 days Less than 1 day
Return on investment:     Less than 12 months
Operations made by Eton:     Complete

Other savings 

Reduced work in process, fewer soiled garments, better quality control, larger customer base due to shorter lead times on orders. Better space utilization.

Why did the client decide to install the Eton system

To reduce direct labor costs and reduce work-in- process times. Better visibility. Quick Changeover.