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Multiple lines – optimized production

Eton Systems has over 60 installations for jeans production worldwide. Eton Systems in the jeans industries is a flexible material handling system designed to eliminate manual transportation and minimize handling. It increases productivity radically, ensures an optimal working flow and provides time for adding value to your products.

This example is based on the following data

Production data   Before Eton With Eton
Production/8 hours   1100 2000
Number of operations on Eton, incl. loading and quality check     18
Need of operators on Eton     40
Production increase     87%
Through put time    3 days  0,5 day


Average results with Eton Systems in Jeans production:    

 Productivity increase:   76%
 Return on investment:   1,2 years
 Through put time:     less than 1 day


Example of special advantages: Bridge between several lines to achieve fully optimizing of machines. Operations with short cycle times is possible to combine with several automatic machines at the same stations, to meet the demands with high volumes.

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