Cantarelli Fashion Week

On the 19th of November Eton Systems had the pleasure to attend Cantarelli Fashion Week and join in the festivities. Thank you for having us, we had a fantastic evening!


Karnell has acquired the majority of the shares in Eton Systems AB ("Eton Systems"). The seller is Eton Innovation AB.

This is how they do it at Williams-Sonoma

This is an excellent example of the benefits of using an Eton System. Willams-Sonoma furniture production runs over 1300 units a day. Our smart material handling solution helps them to improve the efficiency of their process and the quality of their product. If you have any questions, please don’t hesitate to contact us.




Thank You for visiting us @ Hannovermesse

Thanks to everyone for making this year’s Hannovermesse a big success!

Press release - It’s all about the details when Eton Systems Inc. strengthens its local presence in the Us

2017 is the year when Eton Systems will expand its business and strengthen its presence in America. For the automotive, home textile, apparel, furniture and plastics industries, the upcoming change will not go unnoticed.

The story of Eton Systems told in India

Stitch World magazine in India published the story of Eton Systems in their latest issue, and so the history of the company will reach an even greater audience.

That is why the car industry hangs on the shirt factory

It was developed for the purpose of saving time in the shirt factory. Today the smart handling and transporting system from Borås has spread to other industries. The car industry is one of many who have seen the benefits from the system.

Mascot enhances efficiency and expands capacity

Mascot’s activities at the company’s facility in Vietnam have been so successful that the number of staff will now be doubled. At the same time, a fully automatic trans-port system has been installed between the seamstresses and it is expected to significantly optimise the efficiency.

Building in bedding

Estonian textile manufacturer Wendre has opened a new factory in Pärnu. Eton Systems provided the transportation systems. The Eton system, consisting of 70 workstations, is able to handle heavy and bulky products and cope with big production quantities.