Eke Tekstil

Cleaner and faster  – significant quality improvement 

Eke Tekstil, Turkey, is a privately owned company producing bathrobes. With the Eton system they were able to increase production with up to 43% and the return on investment was less than 18 months.

Company info

Company name: Eke Tekstil, Turkey.
Company profile: Private company.
Type of production: Bathrobes.
Number of employees: 84.
Order size: 3000 in average.
Previous production system: Bundle system.
Eton System installed: First system installed in May 1997, second in October 1998.
How many stations installed: 23+14.

Production data   Before Eton With Eton
Capacity units/shift:   700 1000
Used number of minutes:   34,83 min 19,89 min
Production increased:     42,9%
Return on investment:     Less than 12 months

Other savings 

Before the installation of Eton the bathrobes were soiledand stained so the quality improvement with Eton was significant.

Why did the client decide to install the Eton system

Increase efficiency, quick response, better quality, together with many other advantages.