From throughput-time in days to throughput-time in hours

Herff-Jones Cap and Gown Division is a multi plant operation producing gowns, caps & hoods for college and high school graduations. With the Eton system they were able to increase production with up to 45% and the return on investment was less than 12 months.

Company info

Company name: Herff-Jones Cap and Gown Division.
Company profile: Multi-plant operation.
Type of production: Gowns, caps, hoods for College and High school.
Order size: Approximately 200.
Previous production system: Progressive bundle system.
Eton System installed: 2002, 2003, 2004, 2008 (5000 System, new factory).
How many stations installed: 20, 20, 23, 36 (5000 System, new factory).

Production data   Before Eton With Eton
Capacity units/shift:   Gowns: 6000
Caps: 4500-5700
8,000+ units
7,000 to 8,400 units
Production increase:     Gowns: 45% minimum
Caps: 20% minimum
Throughput-time:   5 days 2 hours
Return on investment:     Less than 12 months
Operations made by Eton:     All post-parts sewing
operations through
inspect and bag on gowns. All sewing and assembly operations on caps.

Other savings 

Better floor space utilization, increased customer base due to faster throughput time.

Why did the client decide to install the Eton system

To reduce direct labor costs and to improve work-in-process times. Increase production levels in available floor space.