Himatsingka Linens

A 30 - 35 % production rise 

Himatsingka Linens is a silk fabric exporter since 1990 producing bed sets. With the Eton system they were able to increase production with at least 30-35%.

Company info

Company name: Himatsingka Linens.
Company profile: Basically silk fabric exporter since 1990. Started USD 100 million Greenfield project in Hassan in 2005 for manufacturing bed lines.
Type of production: Bed sets.
Order size: 20 000 and above.
Previous production system: Circular trolleys (hanging system).
Eton System installed: 2007.
How many stations installed: 222.

Production data   Before Eton With Eton
Capacity:   600 sets/line 800 sets/line
Used minutes:   126 mins 73 mins
Production increased:     30 – 35% minimum
Throughput-time:   3-4 hours 30 minutes


Other facts and savings 

  1. 15-20 % saving in space compared to circular
  2. Easy to run the lines in shifts because of easy
  3. Saving in helpers to move the trolleys.
  4. Operators found it easy to work on the Eton system compared
    to manual trolleys.