Oseny ltd

Increased production with more than 160 %

Oseny Ltd is a privately owned company producing ladies knitted tops. With the Eton system they were able to increase production with more than 160% and the return on investment was approximately 8 months.

Company info

Company name: Oseny Ltd.
Company profile: Private Company.
Type of production: Ladies knitted tops.
Order size: 100 and more.
Previous production system: Bundle.
Eton System installed: 2008.
How many stations installed: 20 stations.

Production data   Before Eton With Eton
Capacity:   1000 2600
Production increase:     160% minimum
Throughput-time:      3 hours
Return on investment:     8 months est.
Operations made by Eton:     All operations except small parts

Other facts and savings 

This Company benefited from the increased control and organization of the system and was able to introduce a new pay system in its factory.

Results from the system

Due to various reasons they have increased the productivity at least twice.

  • The operators work without wearing out.
  • Less absenteesm.
  • Low number of sewing faults, cause they are not paid.
  • Work faster to make more money – the piece rate is.

Constantly displayed at the bottom row of the terminal. Now they make about twice more money compared to times before; Today with 22-23 operators (including preparation) they produce as much as they used to do with 50-60 pre-Eton Systems.

Why did the client decide to install the Eton system

The client decided to install the Eton system because it was becoming difficult to find employees and there was a demand for increased production output.