About Eton Systems

There is always time to save in a factory. Material has to be transported and the time it takes adds no value to the final product. Our material handling system helps you add value to that time by increasing the efficiency in time and space. We accomplish this by adding our experience, competence, and flexibility to your business. By being your partner in the quest for profitability. In other words – we are adding new dimensions to your business.


Eton Systems provides material handling systems consisting of individually addressable product carriers, automatically finding its way to the correct operation. The systems are designed to eliminate manual transportation and minimize handling, radically increasing the time for adding value to your products. The systems include a real-time information system and the necessary tools to improve the manufacturing processes through powerful software programs.


Almost all material handling systems from Eton Systems are unique and designed to fit different production lines at different production sites. It is in our soul to take responsibility for our system and our customers. Therefore, a service level agreement is included when you buy from us. As a customer you are always up to date with the latest software updates. We also provide interactive training courses for all levels in manufacturing companies to help you achieve excellence.


Building a production site and an effective production line is a long-term investment. Eton Systems was founded in 1967 and has since then set the standard for material handling in different kinds of industries. For many of our customers, we are “lifetime profitability partners”. A system that is built in close connection with machines and production lines must be durable and keep going hour after hour, year after year. 


More value for less work. That has been the focus of production managers for centuries. One of the most important points is therefore to identify, reduce, and possibly eliminate the elements of production that do not add any value to the product, for instance, travel time between workstations. Someone once said that Eton Systems started practicing Lean production even before it became a concept. A material handling solution from Eton Systems increases efficiency in all kinds of industrial production and the aim is to minimize work in progress.


A production with recurring work injuries and employees unable to work is not efficient and sustainable. Our system is constructed with operators in mind. Ergonomic workstations and no unnecessary heavy lifts support long term sustainability. Eton Systems products are long-lasting and affect the total production economy. Investing in a material handling system from Eton Systems builds a foundation for economic sustainability over time.


We are our history

Eton Systems was founded in 1967 and was sprung from Eton Fashion, a Swedish company making shirts since 1928. Early on Eton Fashion realized the benefits of streamlining its production process, minimizing downtime, and utilize factory premises better. This led to the development of Eton Systems – the world’s first UPS system.

Inge Davidson, a self-trained technician and co-owner of the Eton Shirt factory designed a hanging conveyor system that didn’t waste valuable floor space and required no major modification to existing machines. Like most great inventions, Davidson’s system was simple, effective, and brilliant. His system allowed all the material needed for a specific garment to be transported as a unit directly to the sewing machine of any workstation. When an operation was completed at one workstation, the system would automatically send the unit on to the next. The factory’s efficiency increased immediately. Workstation operators could now concentrate on sewing, wasting no time handling bundles of unfinished garments. Not only did productivity improve, but production could now be planned and controlled down to the finest detail.

Eton Systems was soon founded alongside the Eton shirt factory to offer the benefits of Davidson’s system to others. Over the years, the system has been developed and expanded in response to feedback from customers and clients around the world. And our ongoing operations in the garment industry provide us with unique insight and understanding of the challenges that the industry faces.

The most recent incarnation of the original Eton UPS concept is now gaining recognition as the industry standard for precise and comprehensive production control by leading global manufacturers. No other system offers the same level of flexibility, quality, and return on your investment. We’re proud of our system. And we think it shows.

Today there are more than 4 500 Eton systems installed in more than 75 countries and in different production areas, including garment, home textiles, furniture, plastic, and automotive industries. The Eton Systems' headquarters is situated in Gånghester, outside Borås, in Sweden.


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