Curious about what an Eton System installation has brought our customers? Please feel free to see some of the customer cases from different parts of the world and how they have increased productivity. Among production data, there is also information on to what extent the systems have increased production and reduced throughput-time. You will also find information on ROI.


Kinnarps provides interior workspace solutions for offices and public environments. With their customer-driven production they see the Eton system as the optimal production solution for staying competitive and keeping production in Sweden with a very short lead time.

IAC Group, Låssby

IAC, Låssby, supplies Volvo Cars with dashboards for a number of models. Today, all material transportation is carried out by their Eton System. Providing an efficient and safe environment for both employees and materials!

Joseph Abboud

In their facility, Joseph Abboud produces about 1 000 suit jackets and pants every day. Customer-driven, made-to-measure production is possible due to the sequencing abilities provided by an Eton System. Great improvements in productivity and ergonomics.

Inca Plast

Producing plastic clips is a heavily automated process. The machinery does much of the work. The Eton system takes care of the rest at Inca Plast. With automated sorting and buffering the Swedish company could keep producing high volumes with fewer operators in the production!


The Swedish workplace chair producer has sewing and assembly operations in Nässjö, Sweden. With the Eton System, they managed to reduce time to delivery by a full day. Flokk saw an increase in productivity of 25% and a reduction in absence from work.