The Eton customer support team is always ready to assist you with:

  • technical problems
  • questions
  • troubleshooting
  • discuss production situations


Our support team is here to help Eton Systems partners with all issues that occur. To be able to provide you with the best possible service we would ask you to take these actions before you contact the support team. With this information at hand, we will be able to help you faster and with the best results!

  1. Write down the problem/question/situation as detailed as you can (Remember we can not “see” your production).
  2. Write down the actions you have taken and the result of those actions.
  3. To get the best from support, please supply as many details as possible, together with all relevant printouts, snapshots or photos.

Your first point of contact for technical support is your local representative. 

Contact support

Contact details

As an Eton Systems user and partner, you also have access to our customer portal where you could find relevant documents and information.

Customer portal

Europe – headquarters

Eton Systems
Box 15001
SE-507 15 Gånghester Sweden

Telephone: + 46 33 23 12 49
Opening hours: Monday – Friday 08:00 – 16:30 CET

Poland - Service Hub

Customer Service/Support
Telephone: +48 588810247
Manager Service Hub Poland

Zbigniew Kaczmarski

USA – headquarters

Eton Systems Inc
5980 Unity Dr. Suite E
Norcross, GA 30071

Telephone: +1 470 856 9353
Opening hours: Monday – Friday 8:00 am-4:30 pm EDT

USA - Service Hub

Customer Service/Support
Telephone: (tel: +17708814478)
Manager Service Hub USA

Arno Bester


Contact spare parts and shipping team

To order spare parts, please contact Eton Systems’ sales representative nearest to you.

At Eton Systems area offices we have Spare parts & Shipping teams that can help you with your questions regarding

  • Delivery information on ordered systems, such as delivery times, delivery terms, L/C’s, etc.
  • Delivery information on ordered spare parts, such as delivery times, tracking no’s, etc.

To order spare parts, please use the link below

Spare part order form (pdf)

Europe – headquarters

Telephone + 46 33 23 12 00
Opening hours: Monday – Friday 8:00am – 4.30pm CET

North America

Telephone + 1 470 856 9353