Eton Systems is a global supplier of customized material handling solutions. Our system adds new dimensions to your industrial production, saving both time and space.

Eton Systems is a philosophy on its own in material handling. Every system is perfectly designed for your business and your special needs. It does not matter if you are producing dashboards for vehicles or sewing shirts. Transporting materials from one value-adding process to the next will always be part of your production. Why not automate these processes? Find out below how an Eton System can automate your production and boost your productivity.


Suppliers to the automotive industry. Plastics, cabling and dashboards


Needle and thread. All kinds of apparel. Made to measure. Suits, polo-shirts, jeans. 


Manufacturing of upholstery, covering, lining and patterning. 

Home Textiles

Manufacturing of covers in combination with quilt machinery.