Inca Plast

Automation make-over

Inca Plast is a family owned plastic enterprise with main production of plastic clips for sealing plastic bags made in automatic machinery. Inca Plast has been able to reduce half of the production staff thanks to the Eton installation, which is automatically picking up the boxes and transports them into buffers in the ceiling. The Eton system allows Inca to run unmanned production for 20 hours.

Company info

Company name: Incaplast, Sweden.
Company profile: Family owned business Subcontractor in plastic industry.
Type of production: Plastic clips in boxes. Logistic solution for transportation of boxes from robot+plastic machine to storage and packing.
Number of employees: 10.
Order size: Approx. 4.500.000 pcs.
Previous production system: Manual transportation of boxes, fork lifts.
Eton System installed: 2007-2011.
How many stations installed: 11 stations.

Production data   With Eton
Capacity:   130 millions / year, the same as without Eton
Production increase:   Half of the staff has been reduced
Troughput-time:   The same as without Eton
Operations made by Eton:   Automatic loading of plastic clips in boxes, transport and storage of boxes, unloading boxes

Other savings 

  • Saving a lot of time due to the fact that we can run longer periods of time without no staff. 20 hours unmanned in the weekends.
  • The savings in ergonomic are tremendous. The Eton station can be adjusted to fit every person.
  • The flexibility to easily add on and rebuild to suit our new production needs
  • Maximized utilization of space and machines. Without Eton we would have had to extend the building
  • Better control of orders

Why did the client decide to install the Eton system

To reduce manpower and get better utilization of the machines.
To get better organization and utilization of the space.