Inca Plast

Between 130 and 150 million plastic clips are being produced each year at Inca Plast in Swedish Hillerstorp. Inca Plast has been able to reduce half of the production staff thanks to the Eton installation. The Eton system picks up loaded boxes with clips and transports them into buffers in the ceiling. The Eton system allows Inca Plast to run unmanned production for 20 hours and they can buffer produced products 40 – 100 hours.



20 hrs

unmanned production

100 hrs

Automated buffering

50 %

Reduced staff in production

Why the Eton System?

The aim wasn’t to produce more. The aim was better utilization of existing machines and with better utilization reduce manpower. The same amount of plastic details could after the installation of an Eton System be produced by half of the staff.

The Eton System was gradually installed between 2007 and 2011. It includes 11 workstations. The system handles automatic loading of plastic clips in boxes, transport, and storage of boxes and unloading boxes. It replaces manual transportation, a lot of heavy lifting, and forklifts. The managing team at Inca Plast has described the ergonomic benefits for the staff as “tremendous”.

Last but not least. Installing a system from Eton saved a lot of space for Inca Plast. They could expand their business without extending the factory. Ten years after the Eton System was installed the factory now is growing. This time it is due to really good business – and Eton Systems has played a role in the growth.



Company information

Inca Plast is a family-owned subcontractor in the plastic industry and its main product is plastic clips for sealing plastic bags. Inca Plast also develops new plastic products in cooperation with other companies. The processes for producing clips are greatly automated. The Eton System allows Inca Plast to get the most out of their previous machinery.

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