Joseph Abboud

Joseph Abboud, with head office in New York and manufacturing in New Bedford, Massachusetts, is well known both in the US and in the international market as a fine tailoring clothing brand. After installing an Eton System the lead-time was reduced by 30%. ”We can deliver our made-to-measure products so much faster than our competitors. The system really helps us to grow that business”, says Anthony Sapienza, CEO.

Joseph Abboud has also been aware that their automated workflows reduce the wasted time in production. The Eton System transports fabrics for jackets and pants, and it is all automated. “The operator is so much more efficient by having the work brought to her”, says Anthony Sapienza.

The company has ergonomically engineered every single workstation for maximum efficiency and comfort for each individual operator. Leading to a reduced absence from work.




reduced lead-time

1 000

tailored suits every day


real-time tracability

Why the Eton System?

Joseph Abboud wasn’t sure if it was possible to find an automated production system that could handle the individuality in made-to-measure clothing. They found one. In an Eton System, all carriers can be tracked in real-time and it proved to be the perfect match for the tailoring clothing brand.

Today Joseph Abboud has higher productivity and shorter lead-time. Workers testify about both safer and more ergonomic work environment. Joseph Abboud has also saved floor space with Eton Systems compact way of moving units through production. 

Company information

Joseph Abboud produces more than 1 000 jackets and pants every day in its manufacturing factory in New Bedford, Massachusetts, USA. They have been in the tailoring business for more than 25 years and is a renowned name when it comes to fine tailored clothing.

A couple of years ago the company took a major step in improving their manufacturing floor. An Eton System was installed.

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