Today, lead-time is one of the main competitive advantages that Kinnarps has towards competitors. In the production facility in Skillingaryd lead-time from customized order to finished product is only five days.

Operators load the Eton System with more than 10 000 pieces every day. These pieces get their own identification code in the system and can be tracked throughout the production. This allows production managers to maintain complete control in the Eton System software while creating a good working environment for operators.

Thanks to the Eton Systems buffering system, all products can be sorted and called to the next stage of production with ease. Routing of unique orders is simple and allows for complete control throughout the entire production cycle.



10 000

Loaded pieces daily

50 %

Reduced lead-time to delivery


Fabrics available for order

Why the Eton System?

Kinnarps produce all chairs on order from their customers. The lead-time from order to delivery was an issue they sought to address when Kinnarps and Eton Systems started to evaluate their processes. 

Before the Eton System, lead time was 9-10 days from cutting to shipping. Set-up time and other preparations for workstations took a lot of time. This was one big reason Kinnarps started looking for a production system that could help.

Kinnarps identified the Eton System software as an important aspect as well. The ability to have an overview of every single unit produced would reduce waste in production. Eton Systems identified that diminished overproduction would be an outcome as well as lower work-in-progress.

At this time, the workplace furniture manufacturer also saw an expansion throughout Europe. Increased demand for their customized furniture meant that Kinnarps needed a way to keep control of the production of each unique piece of furniture.

Kinnarps aim was to remain 100% customer-driven to be able to always respond to the customer’s needs. They also wanted to be able to keep their production in Sweden and produce furniture with no set-up time.



Company information

Kinnarps provides interior workspace solutions for public environments and offices. The Swedish manufacturer focuses on high quality and strives for low environmental impact throughout the entire value chain. Kinnarps has production facilities in 6 locations in Sweden. Today, Kinnarps is one of the largest providers of workspace solutions in Europe. The family-owned enterprise conduct sales operations in approximately 40 countries.

Kinnarps has a wide product range, to say the least. All production at the facilities in Skillingaryd is 100% customer-driven. The customers have more than 200 fabrics to choose from and some even send their own fabrics to Kinnarps. In addition to fabrics, their customers can choose between a number of bases, gas springs, and wheels. The different variations in end products are therefore staggering.