Eton Systems was invented by a shirt factory in Sweden in the 1960s, Eton Shirts. More effective production lines with less manual handling between the workstations were the main goal. It still is.

It doesn’t matter if you produce jeans, suits or t-shirts. Efficiency is everything in the garment industry. Efficiency is repetition and no wasted time for transports within the production site.

A hanger system has many benefits compared to other types of transportation. Bundles of clothes are synonymous with wrinkles. Hanging transportation in the garment industry is effective and means no unnecessary time ironing.

There are 20 different ways to sew a pair of jeans. How you plan your operations is completely up to you. What we can help you with is to increase the time your operators spend sewing. By reducing manual handling, we make sure that your needles keep moving. The Eton System is always customized for your production lines.

Efficiency today is not all about mass production. Eton Systems also supports made to order production. Our software can track every single garment in your production. This gives you the ability to be customer-driven and produce on order.