Home Textile Industry

The home textile industry has generally come a long way in terms of automation, for example in quilt production. Fiber filling machines are often automated and integrated with other machinery. Eton Systems has the flexibility you need to fully integrate a system for material handling with both existing machines and existing software.

Automation instead of manual transportation of quilts, sheets, and other home textile products can do wonders for a production process. The key is to remove the manual handling in moving materials from one workstation to another. With these tasks gone we enable operators to spend more time adding value to the final product.

Last but not least. Automated material handling instead of repetitive manual lifting will save your staff and reduce the number of work injuries. Eton Systems conveyor systems safely lift single pieces up to 12 kg.

The Eton System can help you with internal logistics between machinery throughout your entire production. From cutting to packaging. Automated transportation of products will take your production lines from semi-automatic to automatic, sewing stations included. With Eton Systems you can use the space above your machines for warehousing products.