Automated pillow production

Our most valued assets are our partners

We always say that we want to be more than suppliers to our customers. We want to be partners and succeed together. That is why we always feel immensely proud when we see videos like this.

Below you will see a video from our partners Masias Maquinaria, a textile machinery developer from Spain with over 75 years of experience in fiber treatment technologies. Masias specializes in the innovation of production machinery which helps its customers become more efficient and produce higher quality products. It lies in their DNA to help their customers by developing production lines that are as efficient as possible. The video shows how pillows are being manufactured with cutting edge machinery from Masias Maquinaria. In the section about material transportation you will see an Eton System automating transportation from one work station to another. Pay attention to how much time the operators spend on value adding tasks instead of moving and packing away materials. That is the Eton System in action!


The Eton System is a versatile overhead conveyor system that is used in many types of industries. Wherever there is manual transportation of material - an Eton System can most probably help add value. Something that does not show in the video is the software that lies behind the hardware. With the Eton System you get realtime updates on where bottlenecks occur and allow you to swiftly make adjustments in material flow. Easy fixes to optimize input which maximizes output. Fixes made possible by the unique combination of hardware and software!

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