eTC article about ETON Systems at IFAI Expo

4 November, 2022
2 November 2022

Article in eTC, eTextile about ETON Systems at IFAI Expo Charlotte, 2022.

IFAI met the expectations of Eton Systems, not necessarily on the quantity of visits to its booth, but the high quality of visits from potential customers that expressed interested in the company, said, Tapio Martti, vice president of sales, Americas, Peachtree Corners, Ga.

“We were able to meet with wide spectrum of customers from large to small and from coast to coast,” he said. “The interesting part was the interest from smaller manufacturing companies that are also an interesting part of the long-term plan of our company to assist smaller customers to automate their manufacturing process for an increased efficiency in sewing operation. Our system perfectly fits the industry applications and allows us to speak to many different industries, and IFAI/ATA gives us a platform to reach a broad customer base looking to automate their processes.”

ETON Systems showcased a running ETON Systems Unit Production System that allows manufacturers to move bundled/buggy/boxed material from floor the Unit Production System, allowing 30-80% increase in manufacturing efficiency increase and increase needle time on sewing machines.

“Interest was high, and visitors were curious from many sectors of business,” Martti said.



“We spoke to customers from various industries, including tents, straps, truck bed covers, car covers, military clothing, medical applications, all looking to increase floor space and increase output which our system allows them to do so,” he added.


Efficiency is everything. The Eton System has helped furniture producers worldwide to minimize defects, reduce cost of quality and save factory space for more than 55 years.
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