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13 April, 2021

When needles are moving - value is added to your products! Eton Systems has developed a solution for the Garment industry that provides direct value and is cost-efficient for your business.

Maintaining profitability in a fast moving consumer-driven market requires short throughput time and low cost of quality. Opta System allows you to rapidly adapt to a Unit Production System, UPS. With UPS your operators will be able to focus their efforts on creating garments. Handling materials will be an easy and highly automated task performed only by few.

Since the first Eton System our conveyor system has grown in both ability, quality and capability. Some of these features are not critical to the Garment producer. Therefore, we wanted to develop a unique solution designed to provide maximum value to the Garment industry. Opta system is a cost efficient overhead conveyor system with the features any Garment producer need - and only what they need.

Download our Opta folder and start your journey to higher productivity, efficiency, and quality!

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