With Opta System we honor our roots

31 March, 2021
With Opta System we honor our roots

Eton Systems was born in the Garment industry. The first system was installed not far from our headquarters in Gånghester, Sweden.

The Opta System is designed to provide maximum value for the Garment industry. Producing garments have differing challenges from other industries. And we know what it takes to maintain a highly productive and efficient Garment production.

We wanted Opta System to be our way to honor our roots. When designing Opta System, our goal was to create a cost-efficient solution containing all the features Garment producers need. And only what they need!

With Opta system, you will keep the key features that garment manufacturers need. What we’ve added are more station types and optimized software. With three kinds of stations, supporting dual transporting rails, connecting bridges between lines and buffer stations Opta gives even greater flexibility for future extension. While maintaining the high quality the Eton System customer deserves.

All productions have similarities but something that is always unique is the facilities. Opta System has a modular design which is adaptable to your specific layout and needs. The flexibility in modular construction gives us a cost-effective way to provide a tailored conveyor solution for your business.

Read more about Opta System and download our folder here!

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