Womanhood art exhibition

15 February, 2024

Not everything is about increased effeciency, more output in the production and ROI, so we at Eton Systems are really proud and honored to be a part of the WOMANHOOD art exhibition about female power for change. Visit the WOMANHOOD art exhibition by Christel Amos Jönsson artistic director KonstFabriken at Kultur Hotellet in Helsingorg, Sweden March 8 thru April 7. 

an art exhibition about female power for change

Two years ago, I came across an entire room filled with used wedding dresses. 
It was very touching with all these dresses that stand for hopes, purity and like all
also know for disappointments and subordination.
I wonder what is real authentic female power and what it stands for today.
In the gallery there is an installation with fifty dresses as in one kind of choreography moves along a curved rail through the room.
The exhibition also includes three films and various objects.
The room is conceived as a platform that should inspire and provoke.
Artistic director of KonstFabriken Christel Amos Jönsson

See link to trailer by pressing picture below.

E-postutskick Womanhood 2
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